We had a Massage Clinic for 30 months in Oslo - the capital of Norway. When we closed after September 2022 we had not had any Covid-19 incidents.

Less than 2 months later we relocated our Massage Clinic and our good health routines to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.

Opening hours all year

Address of our Massage Clinic:

Opposite Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex, Adjacent Winners Chapel, Oldest Congo Town, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia.

Phone Numbers:

+231 (0) 778 977 712 +231 (0) 888 977 712

Satisfied customers

We believe that the best marketing is satisfied customers. Our customers' wishes are therefore in focus - regardless of the size of the job.

Customers from Norway that miss us are welcome to visit Liberia and enjoy good massage from our professional Massage Therapists.


Your well-being is our responsibility!

We offer many types of treatment,

from medical treatments to skin care.

We have a trustworthy Guest House close to our Massage Clinic in Monrovia, where our international clients can lodge.    

About us

Dear Customers: African Massage Clinic has moved to Monrovia in Liberia, West Africa.

Dear visitors, thank you for reading our web page. Sadly our Clinic in Oslo Norway is closed, but 25th Nov. 2022 we opened a new, beautiful African Massage Clinic in Monrovia, Liberia.

We have 17 employees, where 13 of them are our beautiful and professional Massage Therapists.

Guidelines and Health rules:

Our health routines during the 30 months with Covid-19 restrictions in Norway  helped us to maintain good health. When we closed our Massage Clinic after September 2022 we had not experienced any Covid-19 case.

Less than 2 months later we opened a new Massage Clinic in Monrovia - the capital of Liberia in West Africa.

We transferred all our good quality routines to our new Massage Clinic in this beautiful country. 

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Call to book appointment:

+231 (0) 778 977 712

+231 (0) 888 977 712

Opening hours in Liberia:

- Workdays + Saturdays: 24 hours a day!

- Sundays: 3 PM - 12 PM

- Holidays: Closed

African Massage Clinic does not do double bookings. It means that we take each customer one at a time, so when we give you a fixed appointment, we expect you to show up on time, or inform us before an eventual delay.

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About hygiene and cleanness:

Clean towel and bed sheet is always prepared before the clients are received for massage,

All rooms are always cleaned with 99.99% Antibac spray before a new client is received.

Bathrooms with toilet are always cleaned after being used.

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About our Massage services:

African Massage Clinic has 17 employees in total. 13  employees work with massage, and they are professional Massage Therapists. All of them are well trained, clean and fit African ladies.

 Please notice: We do not sell sex, extra services or do escort in any way.

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Frequently asked questions

We offer a diverse range of massages:

Foot Massage

Prices: - Liberia

 30 minutes: 25 USD 

 60 minutes: 45 USD 

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Head & Neck Massage

 Prices: Liberia

  30 minutes: 30 USD

  60 minutes: 50 USD

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Back, shoulders, arms and neck.

 Prices:  Liberia

  60 minutes: 60 USD

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Foot to hips massage

 Prices: Liberia

  60 minutes: 50 USD

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Hard Sport Massage

  Prices: Liberia

   30 minutes:    45 USD

   60 minutes:    80 USD

   90 minutes: 110 USD

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Soft medium Massage

 Prices:  Liberia

  30 minutes:    40 USD

  60 minutes:    75 USD

  90 minutes: 100 USD

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Hot Stones Massage

Prices:  Liberia

 90 minutes: 125 USD

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Very Soft Relaxing oily Massage

Prices: Liberia

 45 minutes: 75 USD

 60 minutes: 100 USD

 75 minutes: 135 USD      Finish with Prostate Massage

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Prostate massage

Prices: Liberia

 45 minutes: 60 USD

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Traditional African Massage

 Prices: Liberia

  30 minutes: 70 USD

  45 minutes: 90 USD

  60 minutes: 115 USD

  75 minutes: 135 USD

  90 minutes: 160 USD

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B2B Healing Treatment

Prices: Liberia

 30 minutes:          125 USD

 45 minutes:          150 USD

 60 minutes:          199 USD    Finish with Prostate Massage:

 75 minutes:          299 USD

 90 min 4 hands: 499 USD

Reflexology / Spa

Prices: Liberia

Reflexology Hand + Foot:

 40 minutes: 40 USD

Reflexology + Spa Pedicure:

 45 minutes: 50 USD

Spa Manicure

Prices: Liberia

 45 minutes: 35 USD

Wax Hair Removal

Prices: Liberia

 30 minutes: 50 USD

 45 minutes: 75 USD

 60 minutes: 99 USD

Soft Relaxing Butt Massage

Prices: Liberia

 30 minutes: 30 USD

Traditional African Body Cleansing

Prices: Liberia

90 minutes: 125 USD

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Contact us

Jens Bjelkes gate 71, 0652 OSLO.
Orgnr 921 441 428 MVA


+231 (0) 778 977 712
+231 (0) 888 977 712

Address in Liberia:

Adjacent Winners Chapel

Oldest Congo Town

1000 Monrovia

10 Liberia

(On opposite side of the road of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex) 

African Massage Spa and Gentle Therapy

Org. Number: 052 990 587

- - -

Our Massage Clinic is about 30 meters down the street - outside the wall of Winner's Chapel.